apocalypse vs doomsday

Boomstick: But the downside was that the current clone retained the genetic memory of its predecessors and, motivated by destructive instincts while lacking the means to distinguish friend from foe, utterly killed Bertron. he got hit with a table and gave up .... he get's beat by street levelers while everyone else here destroys herald level heroes ... Apocalypse is a joke compared to these guys ... @Ancient_0f_Days: really? (Top picture is Apocalypse bottom is Doomsday). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Now back to the original subject matter, apocalypse vs doomsday = stalemate w/ the destruction of mankind somewhere inbetween, for god sakes Doomsday killed Supes do u tink Apoakylpse has even a chance, There both immortal so to speak, eventually though Apocolypse would run out of ways to kill Doomsday, so its a draw. "It's been so long since I felt such pain," Apocalypse remarked with slight awe over the experience while his body heals itself. Durability: He can endure damage from a point-blank high-level nuclear explosion that could wipe out a large city and a dip in magma. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He spins around and telekinetically reduces a small pyramid to a dust cloud before seeing more being thrown at him, followed by a sphinx. But then again, I never said anything about Doomsday winning quickly. IIRC the only external power amping Thanos really only received was during the Infinity Gauntlet arc and Marvel End which was not even canon. Follow 3468. Technically nobody can win this fight since not one can kill the other, but Apoc would pretty much kick Doomsday ass through out the entire fight, he can grow those little claws all he wants, or grow more bones, or jump like a blacker Hulk but it still won't make much of a difference if apoc just grows 20 ft and throws him away. His best featis resisting Magneto's barrage of metal; a barrage that would have had no effect on DD. So, I would say PC Darkseid, Thanos, New 52 DS, Apocolypse, Doomsday. And we do use New-52 Darkseid he rarely has any feats.

https://comicvine.gamespot.com/profile/professorrespect/blog/respect-manchester-black-psychic-sociopath/139680/ is where all of the issue numbers and scans are.

Strange, Beta Ray Bill etc? Doomsday became a plague upon the universe since. And the great city was divided into three parts; and the cities of the Gentiles fell. Wiz: This process he repeated for many years: a new and modified clone created from the remains of the previous while spliced with the DNA of Krypton's most dangerous animals to make it stronger, durable, faster, and smarter. he seems pretty powerful to me. Darkseid Thanos,Doomsday>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Apocalypse. The same guy that was flying at him with supersonic punches that cause shockwaves on impact; the same guy that tugged freighter ships through ice (talk about force of friction) and looked bored. And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth, and there fell a sore and grievous wound upon men, who had the character of the beast; and upon them that adored the image thereof. He then notices a someone in the shadows, groaning in pain. When has Darkseid taken an explosion of a gas giant without a scratch to show for, despite not having his standard gear with him. Not to mention that’s kind of an outlier since MM hunter couldn’t mind control DD, @mbatz: Black already TP'd Superman, lol.

While close to being god-like, they have been constant challenges to heroes. He tends to go against a few X-Men remembers at a time and hold up with they are clearly not working at their best. DD was stomping MoS Supes and a WW that seemed to be punching just as hard as Supes. that increases his power). And Apocalypse can’t evolve like DD.

See-, A: Making him think his wife died via complex illusion, B. Apocalypse hovers in midair, having a smile on his lips. Wiz: Indeed, but Apocalypse is incredibly strong as he actually restrained the Hulk with one arm. Apocalypse isn't nearly the most powerful on Marvel Earth so there he goes. Apocalyspe both rounds, he takes round 2 because he has his strongest horsemen and that includes DSS, I'm not a DSS wanker but he and Apoc and 3 other horsemen would take the win. Going back a few years earlier, pre-crisis Darkseid was defeated once by Firestorm, and looked pretty pathetic against Orion in Jack Kirby's Hunger Dogs graphic novel.

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