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ACHTUNG: Wenn Sie Deutsche sprechen, steht Ihnen kostenlos fremdsprachliche Unterstützung zur Verfügung. Llame al número de Servicio al Cliente que figura en su tarjeta de identificación llamada 1-800-200-4255 (TTY: 711 ). She uses money from her HSA to pay those bills. ® Registered Marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ຂໍ້ຄວນໃສ່ໃຈ: ຖ້າເຈົ້າເວົ້າພາສາລາວໄດ້, ມີການບໍລິການຊ່ວຍເຫຼືອດ້ານພາສາໃຫ້ທ່ານໂດຍບໍ່ເສຍຄ່າ. Call 1-800-262-BLUE (2583) to see if video doctor visits are included in your plan. BCBS of Massachusetts does not guarantee that services will be available or will be of any particular quality or cost. ©   Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc.., and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts HMO Blue, Inc. Find a Doctor and Hospital Outside Massachusetts, Learn about National Health Care Reform Updates, Nondiscrimination & Translations Resources. Call 1-888-247-BLUE .

If you prefer a written estimate, log in to Member Central and click on the "My Account" tab. Have fun while learning about your health at our award-winning website. You're on the go. 0000011951 00000 n Next, click "Request a Written Estimate.". We are too. Sam pays a $20 copay, using funds from her HRA. After the deductible is met, this scenario changes: Sam spends more upfront for services and has a higher deductible, but pays less per paycheck (compared to the HMO plan). 0000015808 00000 n 0000033020 00000 n ໂທ ຫາ ຝ່າຍບໍລິການສະ ມາ ຊິກທີ່ໝາຍເລກໂທລະສັບຢູ່ໃນບັດຂອງທ່ານ ໂທ 1-800-472-2689 (TTY: 711). Sam's cost to visit the doctor is $20, not $200, and blood work is $15, not $150, because Blue Cross covers 90% of the eligible costs. 注意:如果您讲中文,我们可向您免费提供语言协助服务。请拨打您 ID  卡上的号码联系会员服务部 通话 1-800-472-2689(TTY  号码:711 )。. Your use of this tool constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices, and by using the Site, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions.

The cost estimator is not intended to provide you with medical or financial advice. Therefore, you should exercise independent judgment about your health and financial information before relying solely on the information provided from the website. Sam still pays the $20 copay to see the doctor but no longer pays for lab work. Although we make every effort to keep this information current, estimates are subject to change. Cost estimates and any amounts applied to your deductible and out of pocket maximum are based on the information available to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts at the time the estimate is provided.

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and Estimate Costs Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association New and improved! Use the tools below to see your costs for certain hospitals, plans, or treatments: Use this tool to compare Out-of-Pocket, copayments, deductibles, or fees paid members for health services or prescriptions. ® Registered Marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Call 1-800-472-2689 (TTY: 711). Позвоните в отдел обслуживания клиентов по номеру, указанному в Вашей идентификационной карте вызов  1-800-472-2689 (телетайп: 711 ). Rele nimewo Sèvis Manm nan ki sou kat Idantitifkasyon w lan (Sèvis pou Malantandan Rele 1-800-472-2689 TTY: 711 ). 0000001692 00000 n Blue Cross Blue Shield network providers anywhere in the US. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is a leading provider of quality health insurance for residents of Massachusetts. PAUNAWA: Kung nagsasalita ka ng wikang Tagalog, mayroon kang magagamit na mga libreng serbisyo para sa tulong sa wika. ® ´, ® ´ ´, TM, SM Registered, Service, and Trade Marks are the property of their respective owners. 0000014310 00000 n 0000002382 00000 n Visit the Coronavirus Resource Center. Our main goal is to make health care cost-effective by offering health insurance solutions for individuals, families, and large and small businesses at affordable rates. 0000008617 00000 n If material changes are made to the policy a notification will be placed on the login screen of the website notifying you of such changes. Sam uses money from her HSA to pay for the medication. Your actual cost may include deductibles (amounts you must pay before your health plan pays anything) and co-insurance or co-payments (your share of costs). 0000001602 00000 n Use this tool to compare Out-of-Pocket, copayments, deductibles, or fees paid members for health services or prescriptions. The Blue Cross contribution to Sam's HSA is greater (compared to the HMO's HRA) and any money left over at the end of the plan year is rolled over into the next year, with potential growth from interest or reinvestment. Cost estimates provided in this tool are for active Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts members. When your plan requires a you to pay a fixed fee—known as a copay—for services, the actual cost of care does not directly impact what you pay. Your use of this tool is conditioned on your acceptance of the terms, conditions and notices contained herein.

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