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This website is in Canadian dollars and ships to Canadian and US customers. 3 Stage Basecoat Clearcoat Auto Paint Kits. Our online catalog and in-store inventory include a variety of paints, airbrushes, model kits, tools, and equipment. Canadian dollarUnited States (US) dollarChange CurrencyFree shipping on qualified orders over $60.00! We have 2 stage base clear kits available in solid colors (colors without a sparking agent), metallic colors, and pearlescent colors. We try maintain stock of our inventory (unless stated) and ship within ONE business day. If you are not happy with any product purchased from Sunward Hobbies, send it back for a replacement, full refund, or credit within 30 days of purchase (less shipping and handling). For everyone's safety, customers are not allowed in the store. Quarts of paint are commonly enough material to paint most motorcycles. WE SHIP FAST! Automotive paint kits make it easy to get the right products for your paint job at incredible savings. Car Paint Kits are built on gallon sizes which are needed for covering most production vehicles on the road today. Wordpress. This website is in Canadian dollars and ships to Canadian and US customers. Customers using our products in LOW VOC regulated areas (mainly in California, Maryland, Deleware, and Rhode Island) have an option for a LOW VOC paint kit compliant in their area. We offer a lot of colors here at TheCoatingStore some of which as single stage, some are two stage base clear and some are 3 stage colors with a basecoat, midcoat, and clear. The kits include a gallon of paint, gallon of clear, and all needed activators and reducers for each while the moto kits include a quart of paint, quart of clear and all needed activators at reducers. An email or phone call is always welcome. ... Base Car Kits; Burnt Copper Alloy Wheel Kit. Our retail location is PICKUP ONLY. It is the same paint but in different sizes which are more appropriate for the vehicle being painted. Each kit can be customized with various options for clearcoat, activator and reducer. See our Refund and Return Policy for more details, limitations, and exclusions. ... “One day, no fuss, new paint job, new car, done!” - “This job can be replicated at home and easily peels off.” - Business Insider There is such a wide variation in the size of vehicles that it is impossible to make a “one size fits all” kit. We are a family owned hobby business operating since 2004. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Super Glue – Cyanoacrylate CA Glue – Tips and Advice. Hot Rod Flats Low Gloss Single Stage Kits, Powered by Car Kits Emblem & Trim Blackout Kits Wheel Kits 1000+ verified reviews! 3 Stage Base Clear kits really should be called base midcoat clear kits because 3 separate layers are required to make the final color. Many 2K products are only available as a kit with the needed components and we encourage buying other items in kit forms by offering a substantial discount to purchase the kit form. New paint takes at least 24 hours after application to cure, so avoid taking your car out of the garage during this time, and definitely avoid washing it. FREE SHIPPING OVER $200 - PRICES ARE CAD$ | SOME CANADA POST & COURIER SERVICE DISRUPTIONS REPORTED. We don’t hide here. Motorcycle paint kits or “moto”  paint kits as you will see them referred to on the site as are built around quart sizes. Bundling products is a common business practice across most business sectors as it helps consumers simplify service and payment requirements as well as help suppliers of products and services increase sales with a lower sales acquisition cost. Current Hours: Hours and Location. Canada shop in CAD dollars. DYC Kits. Expand menu Collapse menu. The paint is flat, a clear coat must be applied over it. From $113.28 View. Quart kits include a quart of base color, quart of midcoat, quart of clear and all needed activators and reducers. In fact, depending on the size of the vehicle and how much if it is being painted you may find that you need additional material beyond the car kit. The amount of material used will also be influenced by the color you choose, and your painter’s equipment, technique, and skill level. Most color codes are two stage paint systems. Support is readily available! We offer paint touch-up products for removing small scratches on your door panel, while for more serious jobs, we've got products for everything from bare metal work to detailing to preparation for paint. Our car kits typically handle the outside an jambs on the average mid sized car, jeep, and 2 door pickup. Everything you need to Dip your car in Canada! If you don’t believe us, check out our customer reviews. If shipping is delayed, we will contact you with details. We are shipping online orders as usual during the COVID-19 event. Read on to learn more about our kit options or start the search for your favorite color kit by clicking the icon below. We ship direct from Toronto, Ontario. Kits for cars include a gallon of the base color, gallon of midcoat, gallon of clear with required activators and reducers. Shop Online at Sunward Hobbies Risk Free! We offer a variety of kit sizes appropriate to your project. Auto paint can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to fully cure and adhere to the vehicle. We ship direct from Toronto, Ontario. Get everything you need to dip your vehicle’s rims all in one pre-assembled kit. Our Customer Service Representatives are available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST. Maximizes trade-in value.Durable and Maintenance free.Features Self-Healing Technology.Virtually Invisible.10 Year Warranty.Protects paint against Chips, Scratches, Stains and the Elements. What is the difference between urethane and polyurethane car paints? Flow Coating – Make Your Show Cars Stand Out. In general we have kits designed for motorcycles and cars.

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