combining sentences using participles exercises

5. 5 0 obj English Grammar

9. We played silly games. 4. 4 After the boss had explained the problem, he asked the employee to solve … IELTS

Personal pronouns New! endobj Study the example given below. stream He stopped walking. She was screaming.

1 As she felt tired, Emma went to bed early., Emma went to bed early.

At the beginning of a sentence you don’t use “because”. TOEFL Combine each pair of sentences into one simple sentence by using participles. I met a boy. It as a preparatory subject

Cinderella hurried away with much haste. Joining two sentences with a past participle. We had great fun at the party. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences using either a Present Participle or a Perfect Participle : 1. It looked beautiful. He made good his escape. Although they were very fit, the basketball players got tired at the end of the match. Link To Us

It was hanging from a vine. ��5�[O�� �j����F�:�v2z���R�.ǑЯ͏w��a׷�vf)�mckc�����h]vS�8��;�^Sjò�`�ǃ!%@�����[�w�C����ف`��G�[�3��^��@0%��:J6�pxF��sX�����a��p�����&mX�B#M���5mj��#l�v Another example is given below: I lost all my money. 2519. 6. Preparation for this page: Participle Modifiers 1 | Particple Modifiers 2 . She was listening to the radio and didn't hear the doorbell. Participle constructions in sentences – Exercise. She ran out of the room.

(Being) tired of the bad weather, the family decided to finish their holiday early. Many of the wild animals that once lived in the USA can only be found in zoos today. Posted by Manjusha You are here: Home > English Grammar > Joining two sentences with participles, Pronouns New! Site Map. Download PDF. Landing in Sydney, the plane broke one wheel. 2. He travelled to Australia. t�퀐E+����=�O���H��Ab�h�S�o�?WE~�=�kBҦ�w'�>U���n�Jm���u�MJv�w��`A�aȨ�;4?��0x�Jdj��!��P�1�%�U�6J$�%���sh��� ;�� @S}*�� The documentation which was telecast last Tuesday was impressive. English Writing

He shot an arrow. We visited a city mentioned in our travel guide. Exercise 3 (For Practice) I. Participle Exercise 3.

(remember parts of speech from grade 8?) %PDF-1.3


He persevered.

› Cram Up › Grammar › Participles › Exercise. Instead [stattdessen], you use “as”, “since” or “for” – all used in the same position as the word “as” in the example sentence.

She felt for … true /ColorSpace 11 0 R /BitsPerComponent 8 /Filter /FlateDecode >> 8. It as a preparatory object, Home Alighting from the train, the passenger tripped over a bag. For example:

Grammar worksheets Use 2.

Although being very fit, the basketball players got tired at the end of the match. 4 0 obj The Emperor was warned of the impeding disaster. 8.

3 Robin got oil on his shirt while he was fixing his bike., Robin got oil on his shirt. Alle Inhalte dieser Website – sofern sie nicht von externen Quellen eingebunden werden oder anderweitig gekennzeichnet sind – stehen unter der Creative Commons Lizenz BY-SA. The room had not been tidied up yet and looked like a battlefield. She dropped one of her little glass slippers. I had finished my work. Grammatical Terms x�w�dE����{M� J23� 9KDa D��,JT��DD��(YP�E� IrR��!K���g�u��ڻ�{N�0��[�j����gW�����L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�&5�������3d M ���&nE� [-v9v��7ߜ��=a��u0000000000��b�YB���`������ħp�� "T��j� �t�&`&`&`&`&`&`&`&`&`&`o#�ap����;���[ݲC3|�hr?C��KX�!�VO+M�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�L�&[@�a�2��SS��� B�o����3ѥ,�Lߺ�o}�ݢ �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� ��DK OcN'5��V������N�&������D!�r�B�X��������4���&`&`&`&`&`&`&`&`&`&`&0�9�5��+�g�y��Ny�'�z���$̃��=��c�=��E��W^y�7�x��'�|���Ǥ�b���!�?Y_���K/E��!�#=[ $ ���V0000000000�C���ߏ;��j��w�e�]v�uW�����;���/� V����|�-��a�=�`��n����;o�����qf��[���v�mG�N8�b#Ä�����~�m��q���W��SO=��7��֥����:i� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� ���@���O:�v�a饗�f�i��n�駟~ꩧ�o����կb:�S�RN>�dF���w�#F|�C�m�NA��G?���k~��?����g{�g\`���oE�O.

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