ephesians 4:13 14 commentary

Deceit Ephesians 4:15a 2. We have not come "to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ," so the ministry keeps on preaching. But they are not going to get better as long as we criticize what they are not doing. And to this view we are inclined, first, because ἀνὴρ τέλειος is literally a full-grown man-a man of mature stature; and, secondly, because the apostle gives the idea of growth, and not of age, very peculiar prominence in the subsequent illustrations, and particularly in the sixteenth verse. I speak this to your shame.". It was the apostle’s intention to explain what is the nature of true faith, and in what it consists; that is, when the Son of God is known. “Measured by nothing less than the full stature of Christ” (NEB). The next shop takes something from it, it may be, trimming away the clumsiness, reducing it in bulk, that it may be finer in adaptation. The unity from which we start is the unity of the Spirit among those who are already disciples of the One Lord, the unity which we have to achieve is the unity of humanity brought to realize their true relationship to one another and to their Head by the exercise of Christian faith. There is one objective body of truth (4:5), and the purpose of evangelists, pastors, and teachers is to help all Christians at this present time hold a united view (1 Corinthians 1:10; 1 Timothy 6:3; 2 Thessalonians 2:15; 2 John 1:9). This Spirit hath begun that union, and is still at the uniting work; and it consists not with the honour of God, not to perfect that which He hath begun. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/rwp/ephesians-4.html. God calls you to be eagles, and to fly from sun to sun, over continents. In Ephesians 4:14, Paul not only tells you the two characteristics of children, which show how unstable they are and what a target they are for false doctrine, but he shows you the tactics the false teachers are going to use on them. Come in , [ kantanteesoomen (Greek #2658) eis (Greek #1519)] - rather, 'until we arrive the whole [ hoi (Greek #3588) pantes (Greek #3956)] of us at the unity,' etc. Here is also mutual aid--“by that which every joint supplieth.” Helping together is the thought, every joint contributing its share so as to promote the general good of the whole body. Our faith may seem to us to be strong enough to move mountains, and before an hour is past we may find it, by experience, to be less than a grain of mustard seed. Panourgia is the unscrupulousness that stops at nothing. The goal of the church is here described in three equivalent forms: 1. Hence the need of so many gifts. Till we all come in the unity of the faith. And yet, those very times, that seem so unpropitious to him, may be the most successful periods of his life, his roots may be striking deeper, and spreading wider in preparation of richer foliage and fruitage in the future. The economy employed by the Old Testament to bring men up spiritually into that condition in which they should live by love, succeeded only in getting men to live by conscience. Christ gave himself for the church that he might present it to himself a glorious church without spot or wrinkle, but this presentation is not to take place until he comes a second time to be glorified in the saints and admired in all them that believe. We need scarcely notice the hallucinations of some of the F athers-that man shall rise from the grave in the perfect age of Christ-that is, each man's constitution shall have the form and aspect of thirty-three years of age, the age of Christ at His death. 4. These words regard the continuance of the Gospel ministry in the church, until all the elect of God come in: or "to the unity of the faith"; by which is meant, not the union between the saints, the cement of which is love; nor that which is between Christ and his people, of which his love, and not their faith, is the bond; but the same with the "one faith", Ephesians 4:5 and designs either the doctrine of faith, which is uniform, and all of a piece; and the sense is, that the ministration of the Gospel will continue until the saints entirely unite in their sentiments about it, and both watchmen and churches see eye to eye: or else the grace of faith, which as to its nature, object, author, spring, and cause, is the same; and it usually comes by hearing; and all God's elect shall have it; and the work and office of the ministry will remain until they are all brought to believe in Christ; and of the knowledge of the Son of God; which is but another phrase for faith in Christ, for faith is a spiritual knowledge of Christ; it is that grace by which a soul beholds his glory and fulness, approves of him, trusts in him, and appropriates him to itself; and such an approbatory, fiducial, appropriating, practical, and experimental knowledge of Christ, is here intended; and which is imperfect in those that have it, and is not yet in many who will have it; and inasmuch as the Gospel ministry is the means of it, this will be continued until every elect soul partakes of it, and arrives to a greater perfection in it: for it follows, unto a perfect man; meaning either Christ, who is in every sense a perfect man; his human nature is the greater and more perfect tabernacle, and he is perfectly free from sin, and has been made perfect through sufferings in it; and coming to him may be understood either of coming to him now by faith, which the Gospel ministry is the means of, and encourages to; or of coming to him hereafter, for the saints will meet him, and be ever with him, and till that time the Gospel will be preached: or else the church, being a complete body with all its members, is designed; for when all the elect of God are gathered in and joined together, they will be as one man; or it may respect every individual believer, who though he is comparatively perfect, and with regard to parts, but not degrees, and as in Christ Jesus, yet is in himself imperfect in holiness and knowledge, though hereafter he will be perfect in both; when he comes. VI. This is an apt description of the many cultists, religious racketeers, charlatans, false prophets and teachers, and manipulative religious leaders who abound in our day. Instead they need to realize their gifts and positions are from God for a very specific purpose. That the office and work of the ministry is to continue till all the elect of God be fully perfected, and the Church arrive at its full growth. It is more gracious and more glorious. And so. Darby Thus distinguishing the one from the other. Figuratively as in this verse nepios refers to one who is unlearned, unenlightened or simple. But how base and ignoble are they who squander their manhood in this world; who pass through the most wondrously organized system of education--namely, the natural, civil, and social world--and parcel out their noble nature, as it were, for sale; who coin conscience; who suppress their spiritual nature; who dignify success in worldly things; who live, not for manhood, but for selfishness, for pride, for pitiful pelf! Beware of the narrowness of professional character, which will be your temptation. Cf. They belong to a system of natural ethics. To confirm this, consider--. Ephesians 3:14-21 The Fullness of God's Love, Intro: Problems of Disunity τέλειος is tropically contrasted with νήπιος in 1 Corinthians 2:6; 1 Corinthians 3:1, and it stands opposed to τὸ ἐκ μέρους. xxii. Ephesians 4:11-13 Bible Study Questions, Ephesians 4:14 B) Responsibility 1.

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