ercol quaker dining table

The Stacking Chairs are easily the hardest to find of all the Ercol dining chairs. The design value of these pieces becomes instantly obvious. Our Price: £75 per chairPrice New: Unavailable. ERCOL Dining table and 4 Chairs.

Collection in person. Hard to find but impossible to overlook, the Ercol Candlestick Chair (also known as the Ercol Shalstone Dining Chair) is a rare thing of beauty. They really don’t come available that often and certainly not at a price that we consider reasonable. 8 bids. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that you won’t have to look hard to get a deal as most sellers now know there is a strong seconds market for Ercol furniture. The lattice effect on the back is also carried through into the underpart to create a balanced look that takes the classic Ercol design and gives it a decorative twist. Considered by some to be the essence of life, the cultural significance of sharing a meal dates back centuries.
When it’s L.Ercolani furniture it will add to the atmosphere with unassuming designs that exude authenticity by the mere fact that each piece has been meticulously crafted from wood. Ercol swan quaker kitchen dining chairs and ercol chester extending table.

We have only ever managed to source a handful of these and when you get up close and personal with one you’ll see why someone wouldn’t want to part ways with it. Collection in person. If this article has reminded just how much you enjoy vintage Ercol furniture, you can head to our Ercol collection to see what's currently available. However, one thing we have noticed since we started trading is that our customers can get confused about which Ercol items they are trying to source. In fact, every Ercol dining chair is a Windsor of some sort. Cookies help us deliver our services. If you can grab one, or some, we recommend you do. However, see one piled on top of the other and you get a different picture. Ercol Quaker Dining Chair. Robust, compact and striking in their simplicity, the Ercol 391 Dining Chair (also known as the Ercol All Purpose Dining Chair) may well be our favourite. Ending Friday at 8:40PM GMT 3d 14h Collection in person. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Family. The Quaker is probably the easiest of all Ercol dining chairs to source.. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that you won’t have to look hard to get a deal as most sellers now know there is a strong seconds market for Ercol furniture. Fine Wine.
For starters it looks like the back shouldn’t be able to stand up on its own. Don’t let any of those differences fool you into thinking that there is a drop in quality, durability or comfort. Thank you for saving this search. They look superb around a complementary dining table. Dining. We wouldn’t recommend putting one in a café or a bar, though. Discover which Ercol table will suit your home when you browse our range of vintage pieces. Our Price: £85 per chairPrice New: £495 per chair (RRP). Considered by some to be the essence of life, the cultural significance of sharing a meal dates back centuries. EXTENDING ERCOL DINING TABLE AND 4 ERCOL DINING CHAIRS GOLDEN DAWN. 2 bids. And of course, because they are elm and beech, they are lightweight and sturdy so you can just use them and stack them without fear that they will damage easily. Family. The Windsor is the original Ercol dining chair. We also love the old, school-chair feel about them. Long story short, seek them out because you want them not because you think you might get the deal of the century. Just expect to have to work hard and pay a little more for the privilege. We have spoken at length about why we love Ercol before so we won’t waste any time doing that here. Put simply, they lack some of the defining features of the best vintage Ercol furniture to the point that if they weren’t marked as Ercol you might be forgiven for thinking they were produced by another manufacturer. 6 Ercol quaker dining chairs in very good used condition. If anything, the opposite is true. Whether they’re creating a family focal point for sit-down meals, gracing the corner of a lounge as a receptacle for casually flung-down magazines, or providing a generous spot to place coffee and cake when visitors call, this is a brand that always delivers style and practicality in spades. or Best Offer. It’s a bit of a mouthful, so we all just contract it. Ending Thursday at 9:59PM GMT 2d 15h Collection in person. But they are at the end of our list for a reason. £400.00. Someone shopping for a Quaker chair, for example, might conceivably be drawn to the similar style of the Windsor. £205.00. You might not expect it if you saw one in isolation. Don’t expect to find a reasonably priced set easily. They are, however, hard to source. COVID-19 FAQs.

Perfect for smaller homes and flats, they are a no-brainer for anyone looking to create a versatile dining area that makes the best use of the available space.

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