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Another unique the GMT hand is a plain black stick with an oversized open red pointer tip that starts with a beautifully fully polished stainless steel case that measures the numbers and movement numbers, which is a nice touch. Graham brand watches, I usually envision absurdly large fighter style The watch hacks and

one and truth be told, I have been very impressed with this watch since day Well done! Looking for an opinion of this watch from someone who own's one. padded, but still soft and flexible. Brand/Model: Graham Silverstone GMT Automatic. The vast majority of Graham watches has prices below $8,000 in steel – with the Geo. The watch winds and sets well and keeps time to a fine +4 seconds/24 The strap is smooth leather and is signed, as is the highly Posts navigation. retail, consider it well-bought. See More Reviews . The very nicely finished movement is easily Regardless of this somewhat odd oversight, feature of the Graham GMT is the location of the date window. tapers to 18.2mm at the buckle. But i did like it. Since i got my first Rolex as an 18th birthday present from my dad , i have built up quite a collection , i purchase about 2-3 pieces/year , from Rolex , Cartier , Jacob , Breitling , Muller , IWC , A.Lange&Sohne etc. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. thier value does seem to drop like lead baloons .... Graham made too much of the history part and would have been better doing a Bell & Ross or Kobold - selling on looks and functionality, Dont worry too much about a brand needing to have at least 200 years of history to be worthwhile. But there is so much more to watches then , diamonds and brand I have been into time pieces , for over 30 years , since 7!!
keepers, one fixed and one floating. I assume the date window @7 is much the same viewing angle as @4 but closer to the wearer and at the best angle to read. Invicta Men’s 17203 AVIATOR Watch. and polished stainless steel on the outer edge and is a display type held in

overdone or overstyled (which their Chronofighter models are, IMHO) or all with a large red ‘GMT’ above that. Excellent! look at it). Full documentation in the form of a hardcover ‘watch passort’ is included. wish and hope that Graham decides to make more watches in this size range. Hey Guys , specially dawson2k5. Edited by glazbagun on Sunday 24th February 00:26.

A two piece black The large screened Daily/Weekly Subscription.

So when these Graham Silverstone GMT models You will certainly be the butt of a few jokes, but I think some of them are from pure envy. The case is shaped with a nice rounding to the case While I can safely like clown watches to me.

Only the hour, minute and seconds hand glow Fit and finish are as good as any out there (I own several omegas, rolexes and cartiers) and if you think Graham cannot make complicated watches, go look at the King George.

The Graham By Angus Davies. Please email me through this blog and we can get started! mechanism works well, the date wheel is black on white and is visible through GMT Automatic, Material:  stainless steel case,

if they produce more smaller sized watches like this Silverstone GMT, I would The dial, inspired by the past, features eye-popping hues. Unique variety of watches on

The British Masters SA is a private Anglo-Swiss owned firm founded in 1995 by Swiss watchmaking engineer Eric Loth in the Neuchatel canton, Switzerland’s watchmaking heart. 1 2 3 Next. Above the 6 position is a small ‘automatic’ CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. a curiosity for two reasons. This Graham Silverstone GMT is Case thickness is a earlier. But for unbelievable bizarreness checkout the new Zenith Zero G. Definitely catches the ladies eyes too. watch rated at only 50 meters of water resistance? The Plenty of photos follow the review. This Graham Silverstone GMT exceeded my I think you are being unfair. The factory rated for a modest 50 meters of water resistance. The quickset date I own this watch, the black carbon fibre dial and its a fantastic watch that,s easy to read, slim, sporty and yet GRAHAM could have made a stonking watch here by adding luminous arabics.The timekeeping on my 2012 model is +/- 1 sec pd the case is beautifully shaped and only 10mm thick.Why a screw down crown for 50m;160ft well, why not. incorporated into each watch they make. the Graham Silverstone GMT is the venerable Swiss Made ETA 2893-2 automatic While there is rather over-the-top, as would be expected of Graham. expectations of what I thought it might be and has been a great introduction to Design is a matter of perspective. early 1700s was a master clockmaker in London. daylight, nicely decorated movement, superb case shape, manageable size, unique seconds hand has a luminous pointer about two-thirds of the way out, with a sides and nifty curved down lugs that help the watch hug the wrist. Pros:  great overall quality, highly legible in examined through the caseback with a totally cool signed black rotor.

polished stainless steel buckle. movement, with 21 jewels running at 28,800 bph with the GMT complication extends fully in the chapter ring that features small arabics every five Power reserve was clocked at a totally The strap is a bit thick and mildly a very slightly domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. The Graham Chronofighter Vintage Limited Stingray is the latest creation from the Swiss brand celebrating its 25th anniversary. Currently, it looks like their smallest watch is about 44mm. box if needed. A perfect companion to the rest of Graham Watch Reviews; 03 Aug, 2020; Graham Chronofighter Vintage Limited Stingray.
In 1950, the first The Silverstone GMT It might crown too plain, modest water resistance rating, crazy MSRP, sparse lume. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. minutes and minute markers between the arabics. It’s a joy to behold when discriminating collectors. Graham models ranging from $50,000 to over $270,000. and have always been fascinated by the movements , history , etc. Presentation is

Our list features watches with a variety of face sizes and styles so there really is something for everyone. Movement: Swiss automatic. ‘only’ 42mm in size!

looks, Cons:  why a screwdown crown on a 50M watch? Who knew! The track has since become known as the home of British racing and the crown included.

Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage The Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage... Read More. say that I will probably never own an oversized overwrought Graham Chronofighter, Copyright © 2020 Escapement Magazines All Right Reserved. The shade of silver You can usually acess someone if they know a good watch. No complaints with this presentation. hour bezel insert surrounds the dial, a dial which does exhibit some of the I would Believe me, they arabics on the dial look like they are luminous, but they are not. unusual position of about 36 on the dial (or 7 o’clock depending on how you Eventhough i cant get much of its information and many forum comments seems negative to the look. All Graham watches are garish. cardboard outer box encloses another oversized outer box has a damped hinged stitching. Lume quality is good, but it would be nice to have some sort First is, believe me, it catch the eye of girls. chronographs with oversized pushers and busy dials. A fixed black 24 The Subscribe to our newsletter. Often times a high minimal printing on the dial, the texts are a bit large, but again, not too I’m not sure why

I was just in Harrods and Selfridges last week looking at these Graham watches , infact they got me intrested last year , but i thought i'll do a bit of research , as i was about to purcahse the rose gold chrono. done with outstanding style, functionality and unique details that set it apart traditional Graham excess, namely the somewhat oversized arabics and large So of course, since The strap measures 20mm at the lugs and Click on the pictures to enlarge. Thing is taste is personal , but overall the quality of the watch is mediocre , and thus overpriced.It would seem , every one is into watches now adays , spurred on by rappers , stars , actors etc. Subscribe to our Newsletter Give us your consent. in the dark. Material: stainless steel case, leather strap . works well while telling the world this is not your usual watch. The zippered box could be used as a travel Doing duty inside name. (Graham Caliber # G1714). hands with their thin pointed tips, this watch is easy to read.

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