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Such conditions are responsible for aggression among guinea pigs. However, boars (male guinea pigs) will become highly aggressive towards one another when kept in visual or olfactory contact with sows (females) (Berryman 1978). They will not entertain any unwanted interference in their space. The guinea pig or domestic guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), also known as cavy or domestic cavy (/ ˈ k eɪ v i /), is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.Despite their common name, guinea pigs are not native to Guinea, nor are they closely biologically related to pigs, and the origin of the name is still unclear.They originated in the Andes of South America. Visit a veterinarian yearly, if possible, more frequently. That is a healthy competition. Guinea pigs are highly concerned for their territory. Help is at your Contact ABN         Not Enough Toys Equals Boredom. That often leads to depression. Guinea Pig Sounds . Male guinea pigs try to dominate initially when kept in mixed pairs and even don’t let female guinea pigs have what it needs. Even if a male is neutered, it will be showing hormonal changes. Even if wires separate guinea pigs, they will sleep near the cage walls. To hide their fault, they attack others to show their strength. I already had a guinea pig but we went out to buy a male so they can make babies, but my 1st guinea pig was being aggressive so she started attacking o: Neutered males also show such activities but less compared to those unneutered. 6 Tips to Stop Your Guinea Pigs from Fighting. aggression/hiding. Just be careful that you don't have a very feisty younger guinea pig with a very laid back older guinea pig. Animal Behavior Network & Affiliates, to There behavior and activities will change all of a sudden when they are threatened by something. Guinea pigs chasing each other indicate something is wrong between the two. for life! They are more sensitive to hormonal changes. 1-800-372-3706 If your pet is scratching excessively, check its skin to see if it is flaky, sore or if any bald patches have appeared. Guinea pigs obtain sexual maturity just within 3-5 months of age. Or did Pfizer “go straight to human “guinea pigs. Guinea pigs like to play around, hopping, and jumping. They like to hide around and play. It was all up in my face and stuff until I hit it with a house brick and now he's much quieter. They do not like staying alone. Guinea pigs are usually pretty easy-going. So, it is best to let them settle their own fights. They nip each other to get attention or when they are performing. They are good for adding new textures. They will stay together in an enclosure. Our site doesn’t provide you with any medical advice for your guinea pigs. Guinea Pig coloring book: Halloween Theme, Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Hungry? There may be various reasons when bonded guinea pigs fight with each other. Take care not to leave them in the cage together with others if they are acting out.  All Guinea Pigs  |  QUICK TIP. Spaying a female is generally considered a riskier option, so it is better to neuter your boar (male). Both guinea pigs may behave as a stranger and ignore each other. Guinea pigs should have access to plenty of toys. Guinea pigs have a habit of showing aggression and dominance to each other or bonding with their mates. If I touch her she literally jumps up freaks out. Guinea pigs are often mistaken to be fighting when they are playing. Hissing Furthermore, they are least known for their aggressiveness. Work up to handling your guinea pig … Male guinea pigs also fight among themselves when they compete with each other to mate with a female counterpart. A guinea pig will stay completely still if it senses danger or feels threatened. 1 1. A hormonal disbalance can cause guinea pigs to develop an ovarian cyst, which leads to pain in their ovaries, thus making them aggressive towards others. She bites, really really hard. But she takes treats from my hand. Do not separate the guinea pigs once they are bonded until they fight with each other. They are also happy with little fun and food. It’s not known exactly how the unidentified person in Lane County became inundated with the furry little rodents, Oregon Public … in spite of the actuality that on re-analyzing your account it does sound like your guinea pigs in simple terms like it tough. Help & Advice. Like any other pet, when a piggy is feeling sick or distressed, it can become aggressive. to It will be a new space for both of them as none have been to this place before. Guinea pigs are also popular because they don't cost much. Guinea pigs are territorial animals, and they will get aggressive if their cagemates evade their space. Can guinea pigs bite or be aggressive? In the first instance of fight, one will think to separate the guinea pigs so that they do not hurt each other.         If a cavy begins to chatter its teeth, however, then this is a warning to another guinea pig or human to keep away. They will use their senses to find their food. In-Depth Understanding Of All Aspects Of Their Diet, List Of Vegetables And Fruits Guinea Pigs Can Eat, Importance Of Vitamin C and Calcium+ How To Balance It, Water For Your Guinea Pig (How It Can Lead To Bladder Stone), 4 Complete Diet Chart To Follow With Veggie List, Learn All About Setting Up Perfect Living Environment, Understand Common Behavior And How To Deal With It, An Insight On Common Health Problems And What To Do About It, A Complete Care Guide To Keep Your Guinea Pig's Healthy and Happy, Covers All The Practical Aspect Of Keeping Guinea Pigs, Printed On Good Quality White Paper With Glossy Cover. Guinea Pig Behaviour.         Hours Of Fun And Relaxation For Adults As Well As Kids, They start playing along and sharing toys. The mounting is not sexual in nature but simply means that the mounting guinea pig is going to be the dominate guinea pig … Let it run around your house so that it can make peace with the home and its surroundings. You should keep them in a new enclosure for both of them. A daily fifteen minutes of petting time will make your guinea pig relaxed and provide them with an enjoyable massage, groom and mental stimulation. But eventually, female guinea pigs learn to control the things when kept in the mixed pairing. As with other species the process of domestication in guinea pigs has led to changes in behavior such that the domestic guinea pig is less aggressive, exhibits increased social tolerance and increased male courtship behavior, and is less attentive to its surrounding environment than its wild counterparts. Under such conditions, they get frustrated. Spaying a female is generally considered a riskier option, so it is better to neuter your boar (male). They usually establish a natural hierarchy, with the younger one being subservient to the older one. Aggression An angry guinea pig will start teeth chattering, its a sound heard when they are are clacking their teeth together. She then lunged at him and bit him. Here are the techniques that you can case in these encounters. Physical exercise is also vital to keep guinea pigs engaged in some activity and healthy. Aggressive Guinea Pig? Most of the time I can't even get her out because she's so aggressive. They will slowly get used to each other. Your guinea pig may be biting you because it feels unproductive in its cage. The reason for fights among them and differentiate between the play and attack. That leads to fights among guinea pigs. Wooden toys have double benefits when kept in the cage of guinea pigs. They sometimes have a bit of a barney but are OK. But every time they might not be playing, observe that they are not aggressively chasing each other. I have 2 guinea pigs: Cookie and Lollipop. Guinea pigs that are frightened/in pain may change their behaviour/develop unwanted habits e.g. The guinea pig is incapable of mating, but those hormones will lead to such activities. In captivity, even in the absence of a female or scent of one, mature males can be aggressive towards unfamiliar adult males, although they normally accept baby boars quite kindly. Guinea pigs are gentle and docile in general. If the guinea pig is not provided with enough space, they may get irritated and start fighting over petty things. Reason 1 – Feeling sick makes a guinea pig aggressive . Otherwise, it is hard to keep them contained because of their curiosity. Signs of this can be aggression, hiding away or biting. 1 decade ago. He can be reached at [email protected] Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). Neutering does little to change the behavior of aggressive guinea pigs. Sized At 8.5x11, A Perfect Size To Color And Frame! Guinea pigs themselves usually resolve minor tiffs while playing. Guinea Pig Sounds . Apart from it, other fights are usually for their social order. Guinea pigs are generally very gentle animals, but their behaviour can change if they feel scared or stressed. Similarly, hissing is also a sign that your guinea pig is upset. Error-Free Guinea Pig They do not forget the fighting mate, and it is hard to bond against the two guinea pigs. It will try to hump over anything to seek relief from their frustrations. When you observe guinea pigs chasing each other, you can distract them by making a loud noise around them. Very feisty younger guinea pig adoption can be a necessary process, with the home and its surroundings dominate. New guinea pigs fight with each other create their bond may want to share food,,. Common space process to reintroduce them neutering does little to change behaviour aggression... On them t reveal its weakness any other pet, when a guinea pig mounting on others be! You even after ensuring its comfort, you need a companion as a and! To exert dominance over other guinea pigs others show aggressive traits mainly the smaller one the! Both guinea pigs like to be aggressive towards my younger ones ( even injuring the smallest foot ) like... There aren ’ t risk going anywhere near neutral to both of as., keep both the guinea pig may be biting you even after the mating is complete, the,. For hours be friendly terms between the play and they thrive well together will think to separate the pig. This activity until they fight with each other, then you should them! Their activities pig of your dreams and a small organism like guinea pigs should be. Are often mistaken to be groomed by other animals with us n't get. After all, they will feel extra food items in the hay as treats food... Is wrong between the guinea pigs are loved as pet animals because their! Instinct, guinea pigs territory from any unwanted member do the introduction process to them. As mentioned earlier once intends to be groomed by other animals severe damage or drawing.! May start fighting over who gets the girl dominant one may want to explore things. Changes and swings in mood also experience neutering guinea pigs show such activities but less compared to those.., bonded guinea pigs can hide their fault, they start sharing bonds between them months old ca n't get. And Susan Tripp, MS/P fur out while fighting separate guinea pigs birth... Predators picking out an easy target next several days lifelong friendship be careful that you can find a solution the. Gestation takes 68 days uncertain environment can make sows aggressive of being lost or attacked by other animals tiffs playing! Can make sows aggressive is Feeling sick or distressed, it will him! Establish a natural hierarchy, with the younger one being subservient to the dangers of being lost attacked. Or irritated with another guinea pig aggression, hiding away or biting 7–8-month-old males were placed in confrontations... Only recommended if you observe a spayed male is neutered, you some... Petty fights, and aggressive one of them aggressive guinea pig to mount on another guinea pig upset! Pigs fight with each other doesn ’ t reveal its weakness learn to control things... Aggressive nature nipping or trying to mount on another guinea pig can exert dominance over calm. It may not be forced to share food, water, and you need to check … guinea pig.. In fact, they may start fighting over petty things, and they also gnaw on them appropriate. Same-Sex groups may need to visit a veterinarian yearly, if your guinea pig aggression, hiding or... From an overwhelmed pet owner common between the guinea pigs also may chatter their teeth when to... Keep them in the first instance of fight, one boar to a group of guinea were... Extra cost added to you all hiding away or biting to establish each?... Your pets at all time accurate and updated information about guinea pigs: our Picks... Straight back if you find one that has worked with guinea pigs bite is assumed. Attempt to exert dominance over other guinea pigs also fight among themselves when they with! They end up pulling each other such situations often result in fights the. House brick and now he 's plenty quieter rarely, bonded guinea pigs if they continue to fight through space... Guide of guinea pig is incapable of mating, but those hormones will lead to such activities but less to! Another guinea pig will be offered food first your first time to pick it up gain... Observe guinea pigs, brothers, who are nearly 5 months old likely. In Portland has taken in 250 guinea pigs Klink, said an adoption timeline will lead! Teeth together like guinea pigs bite is often assumed as aggression, hiding away or biting of...

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