headspace vs calm

Take a breath, relax your body, think about XYZ, and so on. The amount of calm you will feel after completing a series can be profound if you are used to not breathing properly. Sleep stories are there for you or your child to use as well to train your brain it is time to relax and prepare for sleep.

I chose Improve Focus, Better Sleep, and Learn to Meditate. It’s like the deleted scene. Headspace has a comprehensive meditation library that addresses seemingly every topic under the sun. Or you can do what I do when I want to focus and pop on that dead mass. Headspace has fewer bells and whistles. And until I decided to abandon my life for an extended meditation retreat, that Ted space, of course, feel free to tell me about your favorite apps or Zen techniques. First, try the free versions of each to make sure it is something you are interested in paying for long-term. But first, before I give my opinion, what do the reviewers say about each app? Calm also offers lifetime access for a one-time payment $299.99 while Headspace has no such plan. The best part of Calm for Sleep is the bedtime stories of famous works and ones you have never heard of before. Headspace urges you to follow a program for a set number of days, whereas Calm sends one Daily Calm which is a new technique for you to try. You begin with the Basics course which is divided into 3 parts with 10 sessions each — a 30-day journey. In short, Headspace focuses solely on meditation, while Calm also offers other outlets for relaxation and mindfulness. Calm meditations have background music; whereas Headspace is more simplistic. Another attractive quality is how user friendly the app is, everything is easy to find and packaged nicely. Calm has more features, including music and wallpapers. Calm ($70 per year after a free trial) is another app that was created to help center, relax, and focus its users, utilizing creative, innovative techniques to achieve this goal. Headspace is focused on the journey and offers guided meditations.

Pros: Plentiful courses to choose from, great animations and good value for money. But overall, I feel that Calm offers more value at less cost. The Calm app on iOS has 1 million reviews with an overall rating of 4.8, while Headspace has close to 700,000 reviews and a rating of 4.9. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity.

So, this information doesn’t narrow down our decision making, but fear-not I will break this down for you. You have decided you are ready to begin a mindfulness or meditation practice. The first thing I loved about the app was the aesthetics, The sleepy blue colours and mountain background instantly instil the feeling of calm into you. Each Daily Calm revolves around a theme and is a set minutes long guided meditation. As a beginner, I would have like to see a selection of shorter meditations. Calm, on the other hand, offers more bang for your buck. There are achievements to unlock and goals to meet. There are very clear guidelines for beginners. If you want to learn more about how to begin your own meditation and mindfulness practice, check out “Meditation in 5 Easy Steps is Your Path to Calm“. Guided meditations before bed to calm you are also very useful for putting you in the right frame of mind for sleep. Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post. I found his voice with a British accent very gentle and soothing. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Meditation. There is calming music available as well. Feminine American voice, very easy to understand and follow. Headspace's bottom tabs include "Meditate," "Sleep," "Move," and "Focus." You can also decide how long you want to meditate for; 3, 5 or 10 minutes. At the beginning, all of this content is pretty interesting, but it can make the app's interface seem less intuitive when you just want to get your meditation on. Personally I prefer Calm, but maybe you’d prefer to get some Headspace. There are also readings by celebrities including the incomparable Matthew McConaughey, and Jerome Flynn of Game of Thrones fame. Headspace ($70 per year after a free trial) is an app that, just like Calm, makes meditation and sleep much simpler. 12 hours ago. Personally, I’ve been using Headspace for the past few years, but they’re not sponsoring this post in any way. There are also short, yoga-like exercise sequences that can be found in the “Calm Body” section of the app. Plus it helps if the founder is a Buddhist monk. I found Calm’s layout a little easier to navigate than Headspace. Notion, the productivity app, was founded in 2013. If you want to have Calm available for the rest of your life, be ready to cough up $299. I felt like it encouraged a really deep meditation and the body scans were more in depth than Headspace’s.

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