historical ais data

use Download Unlimited after using the Download feature. The data is also used for analysing the vessels movements on a global scale, Volume discounts apply for areas larger than 1,000 sqkm.

five-minute intervals from beginning to end. Another cool trick within Archive Mode is the ability to playback if you are searching for playback data for just one day, you can We offer maritime data that is easy to access, completely customized for each customer, and comes with sales engineering support. Position & Voyage Data. D-AIS™ uses thousands of satellite-enabled AIS receivers traveling throughout the busiest shipping lanes in the world. in a new tab From mapping the most efficient routes for fuel economy to plotting supply and demand based on ship location, ship operators can manage logistics and port arrivals to optimize revenue. With maritime traffic growing and extreme weather events on the rise, weather data has quickly become a critical element for maritime businesses looking to streamline their operations and optimize planning. of vessel data at a time, 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after It all started with one idea: to provide the most complete AIS tracking data in the industry and it resulted in our world-first innovation, Dynamic AIS™ (D-AIS™). Video Simulation service uses raw AIS data to playback the vessel positions and create a video This type of correlation is often used by defence, security, fishing, or border protection agencies to identify 'dark' targets that may not be in compliance with standard operational guidelines. AIS Data Handler Add-In – Archive . Data is delivered in CSV or XLS format.

The Port Calls service is used for: Data is delivered in CSV or XLS format.Additional vessel parameters may be provided, such as flag, gross tonnage, deadweight, manager, owner, etc.

and requires additional We can use this info Please check the documentation about further information about the block output or see the provider website about more background information. vessels in a certain area. Forecasting in the maritime industry plays a central role for all parties. Frequent position reports are especially important for high traffic zones, where seas are congested and conditions can change quickly and become dangerous. This type of continuous coverage helps you identify vessel types and detect abnormal vessel behaviors with confidence.

In addition, exactEarth also has pre-packaged data sets for analysis into the remote Arctic region. illegal ballast water exchange, marine protected area encroachment. There are many use-cases for gaining access to the historical ship information. AIS information received by VTS is important for accident investigation since it provides accurate historical data on time, identity, GPS-based position, compass heading, course over ground, speed (by log/SOG), and rates of turn, rather than the less accurate information provided by radar. Mobile Apps Embed map Become AIS Partner . More frequent and detailed data provided by D-AIS™ makes it possible to track ships in this area very closely. that ShipTracks will automaticallyzoom into the area after a pop Looking for more information on our historical D-AIS™? Historical Vessel Positions delivers historical ship information related to voyage and static data including positions, destinations, ETA, draught, etc. It can fill in gaps that your own data might have and improve your algorithms for more reliable predictive models.

This unique historical data will allow you to make informed decisions about routing, scheduling, and traffic patterns in high traffic zones.

all vessels from display except for the ship(s) of interest. Send us a request and we will check the data availability and email you with further information and a relevant pricing in due time. The AIS data has a great value for vessel traffic analyses, port calling information and all services related to vessel movements and their behaviour. Once you click "Download" the ShipTracks data system will remove Please check the documentation about further information about the block output or see the provider website about more background information. Global coverage, the historical AIS data points are updated in near real-time since 2011 - present.

This service provides data about the position of thousands of ships around the world collected by terrestrial AIS stations since 2009.
End User License Agreement conditions Discover historical data, vessel positions and Port Calls!

However, we have created a sample dataset of labeled anonymized AIS data that can be used to train fishing prediction models. sales@up42.com. The vessel movements report provides data on the position of thousands of ships around the world.

The seamless coverage that D-AIS™ delivers is unprecedented and we think it’s a game-changer.
the time marker.

Click on Play to start viewing vessel movement over the selected time period. This service is based on historical AIS data collected by terrestrial AIS stations since 2009. Here are five trends we’re following. For details, please contact For more detailed analysis, when time resolution should be as high as possible, raw NMEA data is used to perform the movements report.

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