how is vandal savage immortal

The Light and the League of spoopy ninjas bet on the wrong horse. He will always come back to life eventually. This portrayal of Vandal Savage is an amalgamation of the DC Comics' Savage and of Hath-Set, the long time enemy and nemesis of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Superman lifts a rock to bash his skull in and kill him and he just shrugs and says they both know it won't work. tl;dr for now but I will that it's inevitable for comics stories to experience bloat and inadvertently having writing of characters suffer in the process because anyone can just keep adding.That is why as much as I love seeing supervillains for alliances it's logical for story arcs to end with the villains dying or taken out of the picture permanently in some form so you don't have to deal with"why didn't ________ help _______ when ________." He should probably have had that by the time of the Ancient Greeks, able to take down Rome, or rule it. While leading a doomsday cult to help his plan accomplish, Savage's plot was foiled by the Flash (Wally … Also remember to tag spoilers that are more recent than six months. Primarily, Vandal Savage is famous for being immortal, which is the result of his exposure to a mysterious meteorite that produced miraculous changes within him. Genius-Level Intellect:Due to his immortality, Vandal Savage has amassed vast experiences an knowledge in various fields, becoming one of Earth's greatest intellects. VANDAL SAVAGE OF YJ IS ENTIRELY ON POINT. Primarily, Vandal Savage is famous for being immortal, which is the result of his exposure to a mysterious meteorite that produced miraculous changes within him. Traffics in Metas across the planet: the JL is fighting back, but, clearly the LIGHT is way ahead in setting up traffic zones Possesses a means to mind control any life form via the tech from S1 (true the JL has an antidote/vaccine, yet you still can't disseminate something like that on a universal scale, until Vandal strikes at least); not an Anti-life equation, but still useful in the right circumstances. He’s just a guy who hangs around in the background. When he controlled their minds, he allowed them to maintain their roles as guardians (while only the core group rampaged on Rimbor) He WANTS the JL to continue to maintain the status quo even tho he intends to usurp them He understand their use in his plans. First, he was the main villain for the second annual crossover “Heroes Join Forces.” Second, he was the main villain for the first season of Legends of Tomorrow before he was killed off. Generally speaking, Vandal Savage is supposed to have been a Cro-Magnon, which refers to a population of prehistoric humans that lived in what is now Europe. IIRC according to some canons, Savage is immortal, full stop. No relation to the comic of the same name (except for limited run tie-ins, which are no longer published), Press J to jump to the feed. I recall something being said along the lines of his immortality being linked to Prince Khufu and Chay’ara. Reish and Deathstroke would be considered utterly useless. Question: How can Vandal Savage be still alive in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow series, when he was already killed & burnt in Arrow/Flash cross over episode? he was either Adolf Hitler or a high member of the Nazis. Hell, if the writers came out and said that Vandal was just a warrior up until he met Darkseid and THAT'S what triggered him to kick things up into high gear would have made a FAR BETTER and compelling and understandable reason. It's an enormous task, because you have to think about every detail. Laying beside it and bathing in its warm glow, Adg was made immortal, of both the ageless and invulnerable varieties. That is just one example, Thought I was on r/Valorant, was super confused. With other immortals, often the first step is and should be, trying to understand the source of their immortality. One of the oldest, most enduring villains in the DC Universe is Vandal Savage. And that's just a population of 2000. Herodotus claimed that both Khufu and Khafra were cruel and tyrannical rulers, but modern Egyptologists tend to be skeptical of said claim because there isn’t much evidence to support it. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Vandal and Hawkman/girl got hit by a magic meteorite and Vandal keeps his immortality by killing them. In part, this is because he has existed for decades and decades in the real world, meaning that the character has managed to get involved in a fair number of stories. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. As a metahuman, he was capable of producing metahuman children, which he believed he was the superior human. In the recent finale, Vandal Savage showed up in hell where he was supposed to torture Ray Palmer but winded up befriending him instead. Vandal Savage is older than human civilization itself – born a Cro-Magnon named Vandar Adg, the future Vandal Savage fatefully stumbled upon a crashed meteorite. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskScienceFiction community. Hence why i mentioned it would be totally ok, if not better, had the writers just gone "welp he lived his immortal life bangin chicks, drinkin wine and having a good time, until he met Darkseid and got a bigger picture of the Universe. Besides this, the radiation boosted the character’s speed, strength, stamina, and intellect, though not so much so that he can take on, say, someone like Superman under normal circumstances. This isn’t always the case though. Savage is the only person left on Earth. Of course, the Justice League would be a hindrance in his plan. Youd think but youd have to keep them safe at all times. As of S2 when we feared/believed the show was over, Vandal was gladly doing biz (we believed) with Darksied. Which he is on top of. He spends more time than is perhaps wise with his eyes fixed on a screen either reading history books, keeping up with international news, or playing the latest releases on the Steam platform, which serve as the subject matter for much of his writing output. Even before guns, he should have had BY NOW a standing army of at least 100,000 thousand strong of both meta-humans and sorcerers. You get 20 elite-level assassins that are loyal to each other because of harship and training and follow a dedicated leader like Vandal and you get an extraodinary force that few could stop. Where is it now? Like ever. Otherwise they will recover and continue the fight, or escape if needed. Hell, Savage is probably a Trillionaire, he could compensate ever citizen to their troubles and trauma and still be left with Billions. He wants everyone in the galaxy to know that Earth is not just some rock aliens can invade. Meanwhile, Khafra was one of Khufu’s sons who commissioned the second biggest pyramid at Giza. I think it even says so in the Wiki. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Laying beside it and bathing in its warm glow, Adg was made immortal, of both the ageless and invulnerable varieties. They could legit mass produce them, use Staro tech to brainwash them if they weren't loyal and take over a small country where they could do the same to its regular inhabitants. Also, the Scythian incarnation of Khufu became Savage's henchman. Vandal's #1 concern is Darkseid, and the immanent threat he poses. Bruuh. This dude already knew about magic, even by the time of Mesopotamia. Throwing him into a black hole would probably work. He could use Queen Bee to manipulate her way into other countries, use her and Count Vlad dizzi-man and Luthor for diplomatic immunity, all while having the US government putting pressure on the Justice League to not do shit. More posts from the youngjustice community, Why can't people just be whelmed? Currently, Lee is practicing the smidgen of Chinese that he picked up while visiting the Chinese mainland in hopes of someday being able to read certain historical texts in their original language. However, there are a couple of potential issues with this. He already knew about super-human and magic for a long-time. They tried to over hype him into who knows what and with minimal analysis you realise...."oh, they never really thought about that". Two, the character has existed in the DC Comics setting since before the start of human civilization, though there is some variation on his exact age. How many are they??? In the episode about the bear, you specifically learn that they have an alliance together until the universe is ruled by only those two. 1. When Darkseid saw him and his metahuman children, he was impressed how a primitive army was able to slay some of Darkseid's forces. Yeah....Malcolm bringing him back was NEVER addressed on the show. Vandal Savage was the villain in the 1997 Elseworlds limited series Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty. He was a lot of historical people (mostly tyrants) in-universe. He cannot die by any means, ever.

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