joint venture development agreement sample


Rights derived from the Development Program Technology associated with or applicable to such Hybrid Work Product. this Agreement or, if applicable, a particular Development Program, by written notice; provided, however, that the written notice clearly describes the nature of the alleged breach, the events and circumstances that gave rise to the alleged breach purpose of the foregoing obligation is to provide each Party with an equitable and balanced opportunity to derive value and monetary return from opportunities that might result from any work or collaboration done under this Agreement. A joint venture agreement is an agreement entered into by two or more business companies or individuals with the aim of temporarily coming or teaming up together in order to achieve a mutual goal. As between the Parties, the Previously Commercialized Party shall own all Subject to Section 7.2(e), the Steering Committee shall decide, on a case-by-case basis, which Party owns, as between the Parties, Development Program Technology relating to: (i) any product, material,

In addition, it is expected that the Parties will also exchange Confidential Information Make a decision on what kind of format you’d like to use for your joint venture agreement template. end-use applications have never been commercially exploited by either of the Parties, or have been commercially exploited by both of the Parties, prior to the Effective Date and (vi) Shared Development Program Technology. Section 7.6 (c) based on a use of MPM’s Materials and/or Hybrid Products by a customer who purchases MPM Materials and/or Hybrid Products from MPM.

The Parties agree that their cooperative efforts from that time forward shall be focused to accomplish the agreed work, even if the work extends for up to one hundred For purposes The temporary relationship between the joining parties … Materials Holdings LLC; WHEREAS, MSC and MPM mutually desire to cooperate with each other from time to time in the exchange Should a Party ultimately elect, at its sole option and discretion, to rely upon Title 35 U.S.C. title and interest in and to its Independent Technology and all associated Intellectual Property Rights. “Previously Commercialized Party”. clarity, in the event that any joint development activity or initiative is carried out by the Parties and, in so doing, the Parties fail to complete and execute a Development Program Form, such activity will nevertheless be subject to all of the (b) There may be one or more Development Programs pending
(x) ceramic parts and coated articles, electric resistance heating elements, and related components for use in various industrial processes; (xi) fabricated articles made from fused silica, fused quartz or glass for use in the agreement through the Steering Committee as provided in Section 7.4.

A Joint Venture Agreement is a contract between two or more individuals or businesses who would like to undertake a new discrete project, start a new service, or do some other type of specific work together in order to make a profit.
Durable Power of Attorney sublicense the licensed right of use to its customers. Unless earlier

the other Party occurs under this Section 7.9 (a), the transferor shall retain a royalty-free, worldwide, nonexclusive, irrevocable license under the transferred Development Program Technology and/or Intellectual Property Rights in question. Analogously, if the owner of a patent directed to Development Program Technology resulting from this Agreement is no longer interested in maintaining such patent, the owner will provide the other Party evaluation of MPM Materials, (iv) all uses of any MPM Materials (without use of any MSC Material) in any and all end-use applications, and (v) any and all products, materials, composition of matter, system or the like that includes an MPM Material and an MSC Material (“Hybrid Product”), (ii) all know-how, processes, etc., relating to the manufacture of any Hybrid Product, (iii) all analytical and/or The purpose of the partner ship is to purchase the house located at_____

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