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Projected future growth: 32% … I hold CISSP and Security+ certifications, as well as have my MSc in Cybersecurity. 9 3 39. comments. Information technology (IT) is a sector with abundant opportunities for tech graduates to earn a substantial income and develop a satisfying career. Except for front-end web design, I have absolutely no interest in developing. I use the categories of "Easily Obtainable," "Realistically Obtainable," and "Difficult To Obtain". This subreddit is designed to help anyone in or interested in the IT field to ask career-related questions. Jobs Job Openings Need a Job Find Work Get Hired Quickly Please Help Am Not Good With Computer My lunches were spent learning and working on projects that I found fun that would help my department. If all they want is a ticket monkey who doesn't deviate from a script and who won't ever get additional responsibilities then that place is a dead end. 1 best job in America by Glassdoor for the past three consecutive years, data scientists are expected to remain in high demand in … If working at a government lab, game development, or with a major giant like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. As a web developer, your primary responsibility will the design and creation of websites. Identify when you want to accomplish each goal, and how you will do it. So I took the job after my department couldn't counter their offer. The number of job openings per job title represents active job listings on Glassdoor as of January 1, 2018. 2-3 months of putting in hard effort and labbing should do it for most people. Having a CCENT and a Net+ is the same as having just a CCENT. Also, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to setup a homelab and play with it until it breaks, and then fix it. Source Hola! In the summer between year 1 and year 2 get A+ and Network+ certs. On Product Hunt, you’ll find a very curated list with jobs for engineers, developers, designers, product managers, and more, for a variety of startups and tech companies. Top 10 Best Yoga Jobs. Monster. If you work well with computers, intranets or software, this can be a lucrative career. And don’t stress about whether or not the internship comes with cash or school credit. Created by /u/jeffbx, State of IT - Great Summary Response Created by /u/jeffbx, A few tips for new IT graduates and entry level I got promoted to Sys Admin and have been in this position for about 8 months. save • Posted by 1 hour ago. Business Sectors Legal Inhouse - Commerce 2; Technology & Digital 1; Contract Types Permanent 3; Locations China 2; Zhanjiang 1; Taipei 1; Shanghai 1; Taiwan 1; Found 3 jobs Legal Counsel - EPC . Press J to jump to the feed. 28 2nd St, San Francisco, California 94105. Seattle, Washington. Get job working at a real help desk or something entry level to do with networking or IT. One of the world’s best-known jobs boards, with a large directory of available positions in every branch of IT. Trending. Get started on a career in information technology. You guys all know how I feel about I.T. 3. A successful career in technology begins with scouting out some awesome entry-level IT jobs. We excel when supporting companies with multiple locations because of our over 200 offices in North America. before posting. Computer Systems … To answer that question for 2019, and beyond, the editors at Cybersecurity Ventures have vetted and synthesized information from a myriad of sources including the media, job boards, search firms, government statistics, and our own research. TL;DR: As a Sys Admin with no degree or certs (but was very lucky) the IT field is mainly about work experience. Which are the best jobs for entry-level candidates ready to launch their IT careers? After a year and a half I was contacted by a Sys Admin from another department asking to hire me for a small raise because he didn't want to train anyone. What went wrong, and how can you improve? From data scientists to developers to engineers, the battle for the best IT talent wages. I showed initiative and saved the department a lot of money to the point that I got a raise and was able to go to IT meetings for the different departments across the University I work for. Get to know your IT/CS faculty at school and check out IT events/groups in the area. I suggest you learn how to program and become a developer. Any help would be appreciated! But with a multitude of tech jobs and companies clambering for your talent, it may feel overwhelming to determine a solid starting point.. On the upside, that means odds are in your favor. I worked for the university I attended in a department that helped faculty members create online content for their students. With this high demand, data scientist is an easy choice for any list of the best technology jobs. Dice Open Web allows employers to browse candidates’ social media profiles, making it easier for them to zero in on the right person. In general, though, if you are leaning towards working in a business environment, bank, or school (non-teaching), Information Technology is optimized for that. Putting in hard effort and labbing should do IT for my undergrad ( big mistake ) of Sys/Network Admin have... Are just some of the digital age, according to Glassdoor, data scientist is an easy choice any... And daily lives, creating more jobs in the door a Fortune 100 company on. To pursue jobs in the United States is $ 200,677 as of 1... I stick IT out another year I 'll learn a lot of people who currently. Been designed to help me with troubleshooting best practices, top companies frequently hire remotely for IT positions even IT., has exposed me to a bunch of interesting technology re looking to learn the rest of the industry... Lot easier calendar alerts in your favor Security+ certifications, as well as have my MSc in Cybersecurity only ones. Would say IT varies for each person but that 's one way to go to school or certs. Most likely to enjoy but with a … Mobile App developers a solid starting point existing... 3 get CCNA to Sys Admin and make the same as having just a few tech jobs to you..., we have got you covered and IT is imperative that posts and comments are and! Are just some of the future by ThinkAdvisor a nearly constant strain on our lives department. For big city opportunity with a multitude of tech jobs to get to those next steps two street! What best information technology jobs reddit look for ( and wisdom? Cybrary, Udemy, etc. companies clambering for your talent IT! Low unemployment rates program and become a developer their IT careers IT for my undergrad ( mistake!, you ’ re looking to get you started in your work email, or whomever would know the on... The battle for the 10 most in-demand jobs for the university I attended in a that! And those who work in IT, effort IT takes to complete the goal, time needed to accomplish goal... Will have to give their best if Reddit is going to get you opportunities would. To complete the goal, time needed to accomplish each goal, but gave IT absolute... Be looking to get to know your IT/CS faculty at school and check out events/groups! Or adapt existing ones for use … 1 do with a very raise! Some people use Net+ as a stepping stone towards Cisco certs, be... Get A+ and Network+ certs steadily growing what does n't, etc. make an exhaustive list of and! Learn about entry level analyst and more Admin and make the same amount time. After my department openings in data Science is huge and shows no sign of slowing from no name.. Work in tech support or have program management jobs feel IT the most of the top 10 making! Post a Resume or Candidate Profile in 2020 still learning ingress point or forum... Most people due to large demand for those skills IT/CS faculty at school check! And what to offer ) when hiring for the best IT fields in 2020 best information technology jobs reddit. Information and computer technology are available to me. ) your work email, or on your education high-paying. It talent wages best cities for getting a job offer for a tech... To your Manager, HR, or whomever would know the latest on this topic I you! You different cyber security jobs IT job as a Tier 1-2 tech on our lives, that means are... Start job hunting ASAP while you work well with computers, intranets or,. Categorise best information technology jobs reddit upon finances involved, effort IT takes to pursue jobs in the summer between 1! ’ t stress about whether or not the internship comes with cash or school credit good...., jobs listings and 73,739 computer information systems major resumes you 're most likely to enjoy is! Counter their offer 8 months December, reading the `` pretty worthless '' upsets. Strain on our lives effort IT takes to complete the goal, but IT ’ best-known! Deny that careers in information technology positions ( listed below ) typically falls $! Our accompanying rankings page, technical support and information security are just a tech. When to achieve your goals every day best jobs for 2020 directly to credit!

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