silicone oil refractive error

Thank you. Separate testing needs to be done. I had no clue what it was about and tried some Advil-type of med, but it didn’t help at all.

TToday was my first follow up and so far is good. In most cases, we (doctors) are able to tell if cataract surgery will be worthwhile. I hope you kindly respond to my questions about double vision. 1. I spoke with my doctor again and he said after looking at the pictures of my eye, there were not any new holes that would allow fluid to be under my retina.

High myopia, incomplete silicone oil filling, and several other factors influence the final optical outcome.

Do you think that cortisone in the drops affected the silicone-filled eye to the point of causing high IOP? NIH

Helmholtz Schematic eye is used to deduce the theoretical formula.

So on July they found that it was reading agian from the scar tissue at the time was o my effecting the perhial vision . So im worried. This lack of having previous history caused me to have another surgery and I would have never signed to use oil if I would have been told the possible risks with using oil with silicone IOL. So, it’d be good to get a second opinion as Dr. Wong suggested and prevent the worst. There was also left over blood from an earlier laser surgery. PubMed Central 

Prof. L.YM. Very acute too. Epub 2012 Jul 27. I was also told the oil probably damaged the lenses.
The pressure in that eye is 8 and there is some corneal edema. Regarding special tools. I had retina detachment in the end of May and initial operation in the beginning of June. I live in Oklahoma and have considered taking my daughter to a better facility somewhere but am not sure where.

I am scared for my other eye as it sounds like I might be at risk for the second eye to do the same. 2) Changing doctors? My left eye and vision is great.

1) Will my retina stay attached as long as the silicone is in place? If it were me, I’d try and have it removed.

However, the is a slightly protruding whitish-shiny spot in the white portion of the eye observed during travel and its still there. I mean in cases like with the silicone oil injection -which might also stay in forever- when vision is poor and mostly not useful for day to day “seeing”, especially if there is no hope of vision improvement whatsoever, what do we gain by saving the retina?
This fact, coupled with the necessity for future surgery to remove the oil, prevents most of us from using oil during the initial surgery. Future correction formula based on IOL power and ACD can be simple and predictable method through further studies with larger sample size.

I suffered from a Supra coroidal hemorrhage during an AC IOL explant surgery. Roughly a month later during a followup appointment, the surgeon discovered Posterior PVR and a the retina starting to redetach, plus the formation of a cataract.

I am assuming that the oil would be removed in another 2-3 months – will removal of the oil reduce the pressure? Thanks very much for your response. I was told that they do the operation with gas, but after the operation was done the Doctor told me that the operation was not quite successful (there is a small detachment of 2.5 mm), and they did not remove the cataract. It can breakdown at times. They did surgery the next day as it was late in the day at that point. Part of The vision only visible light.

2-REMOVAL OF SILICON GEL REMAINS USING VITRECTOMY. Do you think this is an encouraging sign that the tear might be healing and I have not permanently lost much central vision in that eye? Post surgery instructions included sleeping on my side.

PubMed  Remember, retinal detachments are potentially blinding conditions and silicone oil is often used for repeated detachments. Never happened in my personal case. Are we risking a slight chance of her retina attaching if we take the oil out now?

Cheri. Or my eye? After 3 months Silicon Oil is removed, now it’s been 3 week after Silicon Oil remove.

I am writing for my friends 21 year old son who lives in Central China. I’ve read some research that indicates a membrane peel and vitrectomy with gas or oil may be almost as effective for inferior breaks with PVR. Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content: I can’t really comment without examining your husband. What I mean is this. 2005;25(2):167–70. Thank you for responding. 2. Do you think it’s dangerous at this point to delay the removal of the silicone?

In my experience, I’ve never seen retinoschisis develop after retinal detachment surgery. If the macula detaches, you my lose permanent central vision and/or develop distortion regardless if the surgery is successful.

Also have been diagnosed with bilateral lattice degeneration many years ago and am nearsighted. Do you think I have a chance of my vision improving?

It’s making me scared to sleep, I worry it’s a circulation issue due to the extensive laser and cryotherapy, and that by closing my eyes I’m actually causing more damage.

After suregy we went to see the Dr.every month and he check my son eye pressure always stay the same about 7 so he said may be the oil blocked the fluid get in and out his eye that why his pressure always the same and the vision not improve over time. Now, if the removal of the oil causes a new re-detachment, I guess the surgeon has to use oil again or gas depending on the case.

It is a very difficult situation and you must follow the advice of your surgeon. Could this be my blind spot? what could be wrong and what do u advice we do to correct this abnormally? are fellows in this department. Hang in there.

Epub 2014 Jun 2. It didn’t last as we had a “leakage” so I had a few more operations that included the gas treatment, with strict positioning orders, which re-attached the retina except for a “suspicious” spot. Randall V. Wong, M.D.

I ended up in the emergency room where they measured my IOP and it was found to be 38!!

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

Thank you again so much.

She said there were a couple of tears, and that she “bonded” the retina back and lasered the tears during surgery. Thanks. At that time, the Dr. said the detachment was very close to center of macula.

By contrast, a +20.00 diopter biconvex intraocular lens could loose between a third and half of its refractive power if it comes into contact with silicone oil. Gas bubble was complete deflated in 3 weeks.

my sister just had silicon oil removed from her eye following a rectinal correction surgery and she has complained of loss of vision in the eye.

I do not have any diseases of the eye and I am hoping that when the silicone is removed I will gain some sight. SIr tell me will my vivsion improve after silicone oil removal .my retina was detach and now attacheed but vision nnt improved1 silicone oil use in my eye and anterior chamber tel me plz sir.


Today my surgeon said this isn’t going to change and so no change in the prescription for my glasses would help.

I have complicated retina detachment surgery with silicone oil injected into my eyes, they also used pfcl, they also did relaxing retinotomy or something like this, i don’t know the exact term.. Article 

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