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English-Romanian Dictionary stories. Romania: Fire at coronavirus intensive care unit kills 10, It is time reparations are paid for Roma slavery, Facebook removes small pro-Trump network based in Romania, Where the Romanian state struggled, Romanian people stepped up, A journey through Romania in the time of coronavirus, In Pictures: Romanian daily life under COVID-19, Thousands of Romanians trapped on Austria-Hungary border, Romania: PM Orban announces self-quarantine, EU power sector emissions drop as coal collapses across Europe, Romanian legislators topple centrist government, On this day: 30 years since Nicolae Ceausescu was executed, More than 14,000 sheep drown after ship capsizes off Romania, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. This is related to the concept of soul customs, where every soul is intercepted on its way to heaven by these demons, who force it into hell. Hundreds of Romanian hospitality workers protested Wednesday evening in the capital, Bucharest, against what they describe as the national government’s failure to protect their industry from the economic fallout of the coronavirus epidemic in the country. is the Slavonian blažĕnŭ meaning kind, well-minding person. You can start your journey of learning Romanian with the first step: the basic vocabulary of 1000 words. It has also given rise to the Romanian saying până ajungi la Dumnezeu, te mănâncă sfinţii ("before you reach God, the saints will eat you"). Wood used to be the main construction material, and heavily ornamented wooden objects were common in old houses. [4] Divisions threaten to overshadow 70th birthday celebrations of world’s largest military alliance. Earthquakes are frequently attributed to the earth slipping due to the Devil's constant gnawing at these pillars, which are rebuilt by God and his angels in times of fasting. For celebrating the souls of dead relatives or friends, Romanians from above mentioned counties prepare festive meals and offer them, in the cemetery, nearby the tombs, after the religious mass and benediction, to all who wished to commemorate and pay their respects to the dead. These stories appear not only in Romanian folklore, but also in those of Aromanian, Slavic Macedonian and Bulgarian folklore. Romanians have had, from time immemorial, a myriad of customs, tales and poems about love, faith, kings, princesses, and witches.

Translation of stories by Romania is one of the top countries of origin for people being trafficked for sex into the UK.

This website uses cookies. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra. Popa said that most of the people who died or were injured in the fire were hospital patients.

Check out RT to read the latest about the quarantine and death tollin Romania amid the Covid-19 outbreak. A variety of newsletters you'll love, delivered straight to you. The sky and the earth will be set alight and the earth will be purged, so that its Creator may descend upon it. [1]:12, This is identified as the source of the expression a se îngălbeni de frică (to go yellow with fear), which can also be found in various forms in the folklore of other peoples.

The 12 winds are said to sweep up the ashes of people and gather them in the valley of Safed, where the Last Judgement shall be done.

The Russian Defense Ministry has dismissed reports claiming that a delivery of Russian arms to Serbia, including tanks and APCs, was seized by Romania on the Danube River. Thus explaining the many names the Bible used for God, the Oltenians believed the first God was called Sabaoth, followed by Amon, Apollo, the Creator God of the Bible and, finally, Jesus Christ. Don’t miss news on the resignation of the health minister in Romania as the country struggles to stop the virus. Easy to follow. Seven others suffer severe burns including the doctor responsible for COVID-19 unit at hospital in city of Piatra Neamt. In these stories the Devil goes by the name "Nefartatul" and is the somewhat foolish brother of God in folk versions of stories. Other customs are presumably of pre-Christian pagan origin, like the Paparuda rain enchanting custom in the summer, or the masked folk theatre or Ursul (the bear) and Capra (the goat) in winter. Find all the news from Romania in different spheres such as politics and the economy. Black is the most common colour used, but red and blue are predominant in certain areas.

Hundreds of Romanian people donned their finest genuine bearskin and red tassels as they grunted and swayed their way through a bizarre parade as part of a traditional New Year’s celebration. Add some “good” to your morning and evening. A fire at a hospital treating COVID-19 patients in northeastern Romania killed 10 people Saturday and injured 10 others, seven of them critically, officials said.

It also coincided with Bucharest authorities’ decision earlier in the day to once again shut down all the capital's indoor restaurants, theaters, movie cinemas, gambling and dance venues. Visit RT to read about the Romanian government and political leaders like President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Ludovic Orban. [2] The Devil tried to push him over the side, but the ever-expanding earth would hinder that.

Customs related to certain times of year are the colinde - Romanian Christmas carols, sorcova on New Year's Eve or the Mărţişor custom on the 1st of March marking the spring. This other earth is imagined as a mirror image of our own, and as a home to creatures called Blajini [blaˈʒinʲ] ("gentle/kind-hearted ones"), sometimes given the name Rohmani [ˈroh.manʲ] in Bucovina. These are embroidered with traditional motifs that vary from region to region.

Turn to RT for updates on coronavirus in Romania. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes. The Devil set forth and tried to bring it to the surface in his name instead, but could not succeed until he brought it up in the name of God. Romanian-English Dictionary stories.

Others attribute the earthquakes to the earth (which is alive, and can therefore feel) realising the wicked ways of humans, and trembling in fright. Stories suggest God made the earth with the help of animals, while Satan was trying to thwart his plans. Rescuers save only 33 sheep and crew after Queen Hind overturns in Black Sea shortly after leaving Romania’s Midia port. Another version suggests the Earth was too large to fit under the firmament, and so God attempted to shrink it, thus raising mountains. The Devil's Precipice. Such imagery as a darkened sun, a bleeding moon and falling stars are associated with the beginning of the End Times. Quisque a vehicula magna. Traditionally, men wore a white shirt and pants (if made of wool they are called iţari) with a wide leather belt, usually over the shirt, and a vest sometimes made of leather and embroidered. Russian military “thanked” the bloc in a tongue-in-cheek fashion for making the drills more life-like. Without training wheles and a friend to help you can be a discouraging task.

[1]:11–12[2] In the majority of versions, before the earth existed, a boundless ocean called Apa Sâmbetei was the abode of God and the Devil, seen as master and servant rather than equals. The ethnograph Marian Simion Florea wrote : Blajini are fictitious beings, incarnations of dead children not baptized who live at the end of Earth, nearby The Holy water (of Saturday). Upon deciding to create the earth, God sent the Devil to bring a handful of clay from the ground of the World Ocean in his holy name. The Devil’s Precipice. The hospital's current manager, Lucian Micu, was appointed just three weeks ago after his predecessor resigned over the poor treatment of patients. Audience Relations, CBC P.O.

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