the task of strategy choice involves

Groups the shapes in the specified range. Moreover, you simply cannot make flowcharts in PowerPoint with shapes. To learn more, see our Aligning, Ordering, and Grouping Objects lesson. For example, you may have created a complex diagram, such as the flowchart you see here (or any combination of shapes and text). You can group shapes so that if you wish to relocate them but not mess up the distance between the shapes, they will move as one. Hope this helps! We have a post and video tutorial on how to do this in Word but the process in PowerPoint is much the same: Step 1. Its content model is the same as that of the element. And now, because I grouped those two shapes together, that one picture was spanned both shapes leaving this nice gap in the middle, it's very modern and clean lined looking. The shape tree can contain pictures, shapes, connections and tables (within a

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