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And I bought extra filters so if I get too lazy after cleaning the water chamber I can just toss a new filter in for the time being haha , you sound really knowledgeable about the science with skin & ph levels (thank you for posting this!) ಥ_ಥ.

I still don’t think washing your face with bottled water is as insane as it sounds in theory, but it’s definitely both expensive and wasteful.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SkincareAddiction community, Press J to jump to the feed. Congrats! Lather up your cleanser with a little bit of liquid and apply it to your face.

I have used this for years because where I live the chances of getting a gentle cleanser that is not super expensive are close to zero, so what I do is I keep a little container with a mix of grind oatmeal (or just oatmeal flour) with rice flour (optional) and simply mix a teaspoon of it with a little bit of water and put it on my face. That said, terrible skin from terrible tap water is a very real concern, so instead of stocking your fridge with two dozen bottles of a water you forgot you hate, spring for a water filtration system. Hear me out: get a reusable water tank (you can find a cheap one at a camping store), and just fill it with those fill up stations at the grocery store. This is not because tap water is for peons but because there’s a ton of stuff that comes out of the faucet—including chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and minerals—that’s drying, irritating, and potentially damaging to your skin. EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also think that switching to a sulfate-free shampoo also contributed to my skin progress! Long story short my skin started disagreeing with retin a micro. "As long as you are not using scorching-hot water or harsh soaps, washing your face while you're in the shower will save you time, save water, and give you a deeper cleaning to prep your skin for the rest of your skin-care routine." It's relatively cheap but moderately inconvenient. Since my state has been reopening, I've had to go to work (I'm a receptionist part-time) where normally I would have my water bottle at my desk with me and drink whenever. I second the spraying. I know it sounds insane at first, but is it really that weird to look into avoiding tap water on my face? The reason people think the optimal/natural PH of human skin 5.0-5.5 is because we come in contact with water and other substances all day long.

Also as a suggestion, you could try using oatmeal sometimes as a face mask/face wash. It was really only on my chin, around my mouth and next to the outer corners of my eyes but it was getting discouraging. i’m so confused and numbers are scary i’m so sorry if i️ sound dumb or i’m making this post repetitive, but if anyone is so kind as to help i’d appreciate it! This has improved my hair (I have very long hair and the hard water made it frizzy and difficult to brush), cleanliness of clothes and dishes, and of course my skin.

If you’re well versed in the countless “French beauty secrets” with which the Internet runneth over, then this nugget of wisdom may already sound familiar: It is a sin to even think about putting tap water on your face. “Hard water, especially, has a high mineral composition containing heavy metals like iron, copper, zinc, and nickel that can lead to redness and irritation, leaving the skin itchy and inflamed,” dermatologist Dr. Russak told Refinery29.

I would advise not to listen to this. I even forgot to put my moisturizer on this day! Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser from Philosophy. It contains a surfactant which is just as bad as any sulfate (well, not bad, but they serve the same purpose. I've had problems with my skin for years.

the ideal ph of water should be 7 which is neutral but can be between 6.5 to 8.5. the ph of hard water is above 8.5 and it can clog your pores. Any new advice? They’re a bit more of an investment than said water, and they’re not exactly glamorous, but hey, priorities. It even got so bad that I, believer of holistic healing and all-natural products, finally went to the dermatologist for it. I recommend reading this resarch study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/18489300/. Point of use water filters (like Culligan water filters) only filter out certain materials so effectiveness depends on what your water contains. Gucci is onto something, and of course, a host of pretty young (French) things and influencers are, too—and Cameron Diaz, I guess? The cold dry winter air wasnt helping.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, $27, Amazon.

Apply cleanser to your face in an upward motion "Massage along the hair line, nose, jawline, and, if you want to get Parisian, give that décolleté some love. Well, I ultimately found that it saves a heck of a lot of water.

With that in mind, I started thinking about how I could get that fresh-faced … face without subjecting myself to breakouts and irritation for the rest of my days. but hopefully I will :). It has made a difference.

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