wok cooking made easy

Then pour that off into a heatproof container and put in fresh oil for cooking. “A wok distributes heat very evenly from the base and up the sides, and because of the steep sides, you can move food around in it,” explains Fuchsia Dunlop, the author of Land of Fish and Rice: Recipes from the Culinary Heart of China as well as several books about Chinese cooking. The most annoying thing that can happen when you’re stir-frying is that your chicken sticks, and then you scrape it off and you have this stuff sticking to the wok that will burn before the dish is ready. Barely a minute or two passes before the finished dish is scooped out into an awaiting bowl. Here, we’ve got Dunlop’s wide-ranging wok expertise down on paper, so you’ll know all about the crucial components of wok cookery when you shop for and cook with your pan. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Good news — You can still get free 2-day shipping, free pickup, & more. At a Chinese meal, there are many different types of dishes on the table at one time, and, “probably most of them will be done in a wok.” Stewing, steaming, boiling, and deep-frying are all in the wok’s wheelhouse. You can extract the flavor without discarding or burning them. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Plus, it's single-dish cooking at it's finest! Dunlop says: “When you’re choosing a wok, you need to think about what kind of cooker [stove] you have. It allows all of the moisture to cook off the vegetables and the natural nonstick of the wok prevents the eggs from sticking. You just clean it and then you re-season it: After cleaning, heat the wok very hot, then rub it with a thick wad of paper towels and some oil.

(Don’t be intimidated by the idea of “seasoning”. I had expected it to have more common everyday recipes and perhaps some step training as I had seen in some other mags for basic steps to follows. Then cook the vegetables, and when they’re just right, you put the pork or chicken back in the pan. Wok cooking is all drama—high flames that curve around the underside of the dome-shaped pan as fragrant clouds of smoke cloak the stove, while vegetables and meat soar through the air above the pan, propelled by the chef’s practiced toss. https://homeandkitchentool.com/best-material-for-baking-pans/, https://111reviews.com/best-carbon-steel-wok/.
You can put a bamboo steamer in the wok, fill the base of the wok with water and steam like that, or get little metal trivets in the bottom, lay a dish on the trivet, and cover with a wok … But if you have an electric cooker, then you do need the kind of wok that has a flat bit at the base. Select Option.
But stir-frying isn’t all a wok can do, Dunlop wants us to know. It can be used up to 450˚ F. It spoils and turns rancid faster than the other oils listed below, so I usually only buy it if I’m going to be doing a lot of Thai or Chinese cooking within a few months. Scrambled Eggs – If you’re scrambling eggs with other ingredients like onions or bell peppers (like for. We live in Kansas City with our three daughters. Wipe the inside of the wok clean to remove any residue. , and I thought I’d pause for a moment to talk about the most useful tool for cooking Thai food at home – the wok! That’s how to make a wok into a nonstick pan.”, Dunlop says: “You want something with a high smoke point, so groundnut oil is very good. It can be used at temperatures up to 400˚ F and the flavor is clean and fresh, which makes it work for most anything you’re cooking. It meets all of the parameters above and has held up beautifully even being used 3-4 times a week for almost 5 years (and counting). This book was nice. Way too expensive. Drizzle about a teaspoon of fresh oil into the wok and rub it all over the inside before storing the wok. ), Use a wok with a flat bottom and angled sides. – My top choice for wok cooking (and the wok I have in my kitchen). Remember—crank up the heat. But it doesn’t matter! Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. Splatter Screen for Cooking 13″ – Silicone Handle. Prepare delicious wok dishes from China, Thailand, India and all across Asia with this easy-to-follow wok cookbook.

Mention "wok cooking," and one immediately visualizes a huge wok flying above a mighty flame.

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