yorkshire curd cheesecake

It’s one of the best hidden gems of regional food in my opinion. oops – lost my response (I think…). My Lincolnshire grandmother made the curd for curd tarts with lemon juice and my Yorkshire grandmother also belonged to the vinegar school. Start by separating your eggs and beating your the whites until they form soft peaks. (Try 4 pints of milk). Why I’m actually reading this recipe is that my gran (I’m now 74) used to make it by this method in Oldham when I were a lad, and I’ve gone on about ever since but never done anything about it! Add 2-3 tablespoons of water and mix. Thank you, Karen! Lemon (for peel) I love learning about, researching and making vintage and historic recipes. Mix in your curds, followed by the egg yolks and mix well. Otherwise you can use lemon juice, which obviously will give a lemon flavour to the tart. … This looks delicious , Cheers! Though in the fifties it was easy to get junket rennet in Leeds – most corner shops carried it, and every Coop branch. So much fun to make and to write about. Yes, it's so fun, isn't it? Anything else wouldn’t make it a Yorkshire curd tart! Season to taste with the allspice and rosewater. I love finding a recipe with a history. Gently fold the beaten egg whites into the mix. Lauren, thank you. If you’d like to give making a curd tart a go, take a look at this basic recipe. Looks YUMMY!I also love your gorgeous dish and silver!Hugs,Jean! I've gotten pretty good at sorting out the measurements in the old recipes. Delicious filling.Have a great weekend.Regards from Valencia. Nutmeg (to taste) Caz, thank you. We love our dishes and silver, don't we! It makes enough filling for one 10 inch diameter tart tin, though you can make several small ones if you prefer. It’s perfect on its own, but we suggest serving it with a drizzle of cream. Thanks, John. Pour into unbaked pastry shell and sprinkle top with grated nutmeg. Add currents, lemon rind and melted butter. When I make it again I’ll put fewer in. Change ), Slapjack Sandwiches – vintage cookbook shelf, Follow vintage cookbook shelf on WordPress.com, Smiley's new and complete guide for housekeepers. This is one of my favourite desserts (although I admit that it's a long list of favourites). For those of you that don’t know (and who does? Hope to see it on your blog soon! For me, the crust is always the most important part of a pie or tart--I could be happy just eating crust! Liquid Rennet will keep a lot better if refrigerated. It’s now time for the main event! You have made curd cheese. ( Log Out /  Now I no longer have cows myself I really miss beestings tart. Here in NZ the standard Renco rennet is 65 ICMU, whilst I may follow a cheese recipe from the U.S, which states a rennet of 300 ICMU’s. And I go outside the purview of food blogs with the occasional article about tea, wine and travel. Thank you for sharing! My rennet has been at the back of my cupboard for years and is still going strong! Jan, thank you. Have a great weekend. Thanks, Karen. The curds are much more like cottage cheese this way, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Around since the early to middle 17th century, it’s something very likely to have been made by my Yorkshire great grandmother, so I just had to make it. Yum! It wasn’t legal even then to sell beestings (colostrum) so when we had it to sell the bottles were hidden under the stall.and the information was whispered to the customers. I’ve never considered putting jam in a curd tart, but seeing as everything is improved by raspberry jam I see no reason why it shouldn’t see included! It was more like 250g. error corrected, Pingback: Yorkshire Curd Tart | Ad Free Stuff. x Karen. Thank you for the vintage recipe. Ingredients for the pastry: When supplies are back to normal, The Vancouver Sun will publish still another Cook Book, larger than ever before. 225g plain flour If you’d like to give making a curd … Which reminds me, speaking of traditional English recipes and rum, I haven't eaten a Cumberland Rum Nicky for many years. Add sugar, salt, then eggs, lightly beaten. My dear Grandma Betty from Canada used to always make Yorkshire pudding during the holidays and oh, it was a tasty addition to the meal :)Thanks for sharing the recipe for this tart. Hi Roy, i think i must have put a typo in there by accident! Thanks in advance! I'll be looking into it! Vegetable rennet doesn’t give the curds the cheesy tang. And just a small sliver satisfies. In Yorkshire, a curd tart is made with cottage cheese (curd cheese), not yogurt which wouldn't have the same texture or taste. Might give this one a try. The book is undated, but published shortly after the end of the Second World War. […] via Yorkshire Cheese Pie — vintage cookbook shelf […], […] Slapjack Sandwiches are suggested as “eats for the Gang!”  The Vancouver Sun’s 10th Annual Cook Book was published in the mid 1940s, shortly after the war, and edited by Edith Adams, a fictional homemaker who had a column in the Vancouver Sun from 1924 to 1999. Once you’ve made your pastry, put it aside to chill. Which was made with vinegar. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Dominic] was possibly the forerunner of the American Cheesecake. And now I'm intrigued -- a Cumberland Rum Nicky sounds like something my family in Cumberland must have enjoyed. And as for being hundreds of years old, I don't notice any mouldy bits. Thanks, David. The measurements can get a little tricky, though. Normally I use cottage cheese, as the recipe calls for, but when I saw big tubs of ricotta on sale for 97¢ each, I decided it was time to make Yorkshire Cheese Pie, and to use a substitution. Nutrition Facts 1 slice: 563 … You can also make your own (see below), and it’s quite easy to do that. Glad you’ve enjoyed the tart. Thank you, Rebecca. each manufacturer has a different strength. Copyright © 2010-2020 Delightful Repast | This tart sounds like one I know we would like. Yes I do! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you in advance. :D. Kitty, I'd love to give you a slice of tart and a cup of tea any time! The crumbs should pull together into a dough that you can gently knead on a floured surface. I’ve never used it myself, but follow the method using colostrum instead of milk. When I finally replaced it, there was that pesky tart hiding right there behind the thousand-year-old egg I brought home from LeeAnn Chin’s. Love that Yorkshire dialect! My Mother used to make Curd Cheese when the milk was off, she just used to hang it up over the kitchen sink in muslin.

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